This Is The End, My Friends

So, as the year winds down, I found myself short of my goal. But…that’s okay. I apologize for the delay in the last months. A combination of work, holidays and a backlog of books kind of made me fall behind. However, I have no regrets whatsoever; even though I sort of punked out in the end, the fact that I stuck to this overall throughout most of the year proved that I could do this. I just have to stop being so lazy, that’s all. I’d like to do this again, but only for something more general, like books, movies and pop culture and all.

To everyone who supported me, thank you. I wasn’t expecting much when I started this, but I actually got more views than I ever expected. I’m not going to stop writing…so keep coming here and I’ll update every one on things. Again, thank you for reading this…and making a geek and a shy woman happy.

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Massive Book Post!

Sorry for the lack of activity this month. Between celebrating my birthday, doing NANOWRIMO(which sadly didn’t work….curse you writers block!) and being busy with other things, I didn’t get time to read too much except for the following:

Mo Meta BluesAmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson

I’m from Philly so of course I know the Roots. Have listened to them for years. Nowadays most people know them as Jimmy Fallon’s house band for his show. This was an entertaining book, full of music knowledge, Quest’s background and how the Roots pulled together. Quest is a pretty low key guy, so other than some hilarious stories of Eddie Murphy, Prince and Tracey Morgan, you’re not getting anything too scandalous.

Bookscore: 9


Holidays On Ice David Sedaris

Everyone should read The Santaland Diaries, Dinah the Christmas Whore and Seasons Greetings From Our friends And Family!!!!!! every year, just like how people read the Nativity or The Night Before Christmas. It is THAT funny.

Bookscore : 9

My Mother Was Nuts Penny Marshall

People of a certain generation know Marshall appearing all over late 60’s/early 70’s television in shows like The Odd Couple and Happy Days. Others will always remember her as the immortal Laverne DiFazio on Laverne and Shirley. In later years, she’s been a movie director.(A League of Their Ownis a favorite.) Recently, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and a brain tumor and survived. Her brother is the immortal Gary Marshall of ‘Pretty Woman fame.

She’s lead an interesting life; I enjoyed it. She apparently was a bit of a party girl in the Seventies and Eighties, but then again so was everyone. She married Meathead from All In The Family and Garfunkel and was pals with Belushi. Her BFF is ultimate cool former druggie, Carrie Fisher. Truth is though, I only wanted to pick this up to read about what happened between her and the actress who was Shirley. Much to my disappointment, nothing too scandalous here either and eventually, they make up years later.

Bookscore: 7.5

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A Spiritual Feast part 2

Sorry for the delay; no, I haven’t forgotten this site. Just been busy with work, writing for NANOWRIMO and reading for the blog.

Tokyo Babylon(Omnibus 2)CLAMP

Remember in my last review about how I had questions about something? Well all of my questions were answered in this volume. And then some!

Score: 8

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A Spiritual Feast

Tokyo Babylon omnibus 1 CLAMP

CLAMP are my all time favorite mangaoanda, though their recent works aren’t as exciting as their earlier works…at least up to xxxholic this is one of their earlier works, originally published back in the early 1990s.

Subaru is the 13th head of a family of spiritualists who makes a living on the side doing various exorcisms. He lives in Tokyo with his twin sister and hangs out with another spiritualist, who may or may not have a darker side to him. He’s also got maaaaaad feeling about Subaru, which is one of the few running gags in this otherwise dark series. This volume contains the first three volumes and part of the fourth volume so there’s only the beginning of an arc forming focusing on a disturbing recurring dream Subaru has. The real meat of the story doesn’t hit until midway and then it’s on to the second omnibus volume.

Already can’t wait for my own copy of volume two to arrive( Amazon is being a dick) to see how this ends, especially a major spoiler that I’ve been hearing about for ages. There’s also additional artwork included that wasn’t included in the previous Tokyopop editions back in the 00s. Definitely a must have for any fan of the best mangaka EVER.


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Another Dropped Book…

The Crimson Petal and the White Michael Faber

I made it through about a hundred pages before I grew bored with the story. Basically, so far, the novel is about the lives of various folks in Victorian England, including prostitutes. I heard there’s a movie out adapted from this book so maybe that’s better perhaps ?

Sorry for the delay and short post this week.

Score: 1

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Prison Time Is The New Memoir

Orange Is The New Black Piper Kerman

I bought this book on a whim, especially after hearing about the television series that just came out this past summer. If the series is a lot like the book, then I’m in for whenever this series gets released on DVD.

Basically the premise is this: Kerman is busted after being caught transporting drugs. As a result, she spends fifteen months in prison. Of course, she makes friends with some of the local population and winds up learning about herself along the way. At least she has her beloved fiancĂ©e (now husband) and family to back her up while unfortunely, many of her contemporaries struggle to find a job and a home once they’re released. At the end of the book, there’s a few pages of places and sites to check out, if you’d like to help. I always pictured prison as being similar to Oz or even like Scared Straight; while I’m sure those places exist, at least Kerman’s book made me change my mind a little bit.

Score: 7

Pretty enjoyable and easy to read


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More White And Rich People on Food

Blue Plate Special Kate Christenson

I’ve never heard of this person before I read this book. Apparently, she’s also written other novels. One day I’ll probably check out some of her works but not now.

Anyway, this is just basically Christenson’s biography, in which food ties into it somewhat. There’s some recipes included. Her father was an asshole in which her earliest memory involves him whacking her mother at the breakfast table. Her mother goes thru three marriages before the end of the story. Her one sister marries someone involved in some sort of religious cult in New Zealand while her other sister becomes a dancer. The author herself marries a musician and settles in hip Williamsburg, NYC before she divorces him and finds love with a man half her age. The story ends with the author and her new love living in New England.

I didn’t hate this story…but I couldn’t warm up to it either. Christenson left me rather cold.


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